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Useful Telephone Numbers

International Dialling Code
The international dialling code to dial a number in Turkey is (+90) followed by the area code and the relevant number.

Turkey uses the GSM900 mobile phone network which is compatible with the rest of Europe. There are currently three GSM operators: Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea. Local SIM cards and prepaid vouchers are widely available from stores; passport identification is needed to buy a SIM card in Turkey.

It is estimated that approximately 98% of the population of Turkey lives within the coverage areas of Turkey’s three cell phone line providers. Line providers from most countries have roaming agreements with one or more of these companies. Pre-paid mobile phone SIM cards can be purchased for approximately TRY20-50. These can be purchased at the airport on arrival or from the many outlets in Istanbul and other large cities. Providers include Vodaphone

Useful Telephone Numbers
Note that the inter-city codes for Istanbul differ depending on whether you are on the European or Asian side of the city. The codes are 212 (European side) and 216 (Asian side). To call a number on the other side of the Bosphorus, first dial 0, followed by the code. To phone abroad, dial 00, then the country code.

Tourist Police (in Istanbul only):0212 5274503 
Tourism Information(all over Turkey):170
Ataturk Airport Tourism Office:0212 465 3151 3547
Beyazit Tourism Office:0212 522 4905
Hilton Hotel Tourism Office:0212 522 4902 4902 
Karakoy Seaport Tourism Office:0212 249 5776 
Sirkeci Station Tourism Office:0212 511 5888 5888 
Sultanahmet Square:0212 518 1802 

Telephone enquiries118 80
Medical Assistance
Air Ambulance Tel:0(212) 592 88 27 
Night Ambulance Tel:0(212) 240 39 14 
International Hospital Ambulance Tel:0(212) 663 30 00 
International SOS Assistance Tel:0(212) 230 96 38 

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