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İSTANBUL 1453 Panoramic Museum

This is Topkapı, the place where the fiercest battle of the Constantinople siege took place, where the unscalable walls were overcome, where the day that the blessed soldiers had awaited occurred…This is the door that opened onto the conquest of Constantinople…Here you will witness the conquest of Constantinople once again and experience the moment when the soldiers entered the city, almost exactly as it happened. You will witness the explosion of the cannonballs, cast by the Hungarian cannon expert Urban, and see them flung at the walls of Constantinople. The battle cry of Sultan Mehmed II’s soldiers and the sound of the marches played by the Janissary band will accompany you.

You are invited to the Conquest of Constantinople!

This area, which fourteen years ago was a bus terminal, is today the location of Topkapı Cultural Park. On the left you can see the Edirnekapı Walls. Straight ahead, you can see the Topkapı Walls, the point where the Ottoman soldiers entered Constantinople. Here you can witness an important moment in history, the fall of Constantinople; it was this event that gave Sultan Mehmet II his title of Fatih (the Conqueror).
During the next few minutes, you will be informed about the scene that is surrounding you on all sides. The painting surrounding us measures 38 meters in diameter and covers an area of 2,350 square meters. In the area that remains between the audience and the panoramic picture, you can see the three-dimensional human figures and machines which cover a total area of 3,000 square meters.

Work on this picture started in 2005 and was completed in 2008. Eight different talented artists have contributed to the painting. 10,000 live models were employed in the project. The sections of the walls that were destroyed and the extent of these areas has been determined according to the report concerned with the repairs of the walls that was presented to Hizir Bey, the first mayor of Istanbul.

When a painting is framed it is limited; no matter how great the impression of three-dimensions may be, one can still see the edges of the picture, thus making it clear how far the picture is removed from where you. However, as there is nothing in the “İSTANBUL 1453 Panoramic Museum” that one could call the “limit” or “frame” of the picture, anyone looking on the painting will be able to perceive the work in its true dimensions. The moment the observer steps onto the platform they will experience a shock that lasts for 10 seconds. This situation is a result of your confusion at not being able to find reference points for dimension, like a start or a finish to the painting, thus increasing the impression of the picture’s reality. Here people, even though they are entering a closed location, feel as if they are entering a three-dimensional exterior space.

Visiting hours:
09:00 - 18.30
Our museum is open to visitors EVERYDAY
Civil 5 TL, Student 3 TL, Foreign visitors 10 TL

       Adres :
Topkapı Kültür Parkı Merkez Efendi Mahallesi
Topkapı - Zeytinburnu/İstanbul
Phone: 0 (212) 415 14 53 pbx Fax:  0 (212) 664 19 64

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