6 Aralık 2013 Cuma

Street Of The Cold Fountain

Soğukçeşme Sokağı is a small streey with historic houses in the Sultanahmet neighborhood of İstanbul, sandwiched in-between the Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace. The car-free zone street is named after the fountain situated at its end towards Gülhane Park. The wooden, two or therestorey Ottoman houses consisting of four to ten rooms date to the 19th to 202h century, and have been restored with the initiative of Çelik Gülersoy in 1985-1986. Called "Ayasofya Konakları" ( Hagia Sophia Mansions ), nine of the houses are run as a hostel chain by the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey (TTOK).

The houses are named after the flower shroubs next to the mas "Yaseminli Ev" (Jasmin house), "Mor Salkımlı Ev" (Honeysuckle House) etc. The buildings are decorated in the 19th century style with furniture including such items as bed and consoles, silk curtains, velvet armchairs and gilged mirrors. Most notable guest of the hostel was Queen Sofia of Spain, who stayed in the spring of 2000 for four nights. The birthplace of Turkey's 6. president Fahri Korutürk (1903-1987) is also situated in this street. One of the houses hosts the library "İstanbul Kitaplığı" with over 10,000 books about İstanbul owned by the Çelik Gülersoy Foundation.

On one end of the street towards Gülhane Park is a Byzantine cistern , which houses the "Sarnıç Restaurant" today.

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