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Some Infos


As of July 2009, smoking in public places including restaurants, bars and public transport was forbidden in Turkey. In Istanbul, as well as in the rest of the country, this law is generally adhered to. However, a large proportion of bars in Istanbul have roof terraces with adequate heating where it’s possible to smoke year round and many establishments are adept at bending the rules.


Alcohol is readily available in Istanbul and generally less restricted than in parts of Western Europe and North America. Beer, wine and hard liquor can be bought at supermarkets and small stores called ‘Tekel’, which are often open late into the night. The legal drinking age in Turkey is 18.


There are many laundromats (‘camasirhane’) across Istanbul. Some offer fixed prices while others will charge based on weight; be sure to ask before handing your clothes over. A wash and dry of a normal sized load will usually set you back around 10TL.


Turkey uses a 220 volts, 50Hz, European style rounded tip two-prong plug.
It’s recommended that you check what you will need for your appliances before leaving home, as you may require a plug adaptor or transformer/voltage converter.

Mail Services

Turkish post offices can be recognized by their yellow and blue PTT signs. Click here for post office listings.
Istanbul’s central post office is located in Sirkeci, a short walk from Sultanahmet near to Eminönü. There are also large branches in Taksim and Beyoglu as well as smaller booths.
Note that stamps can only be purchased at post offices and booths.
If you are sending a package, you will need to provide your own packaging or purchase this from nearby stores. Parcel contents will usually be checked before sending, so avoid sealing the parcel until this has been done.
There is a ‘poste restante’ service in Istanbul where the central post office will hold mail. There is a small fee for collection; bring your passport for proof of identity.

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