5 Aralık 2013 Perşembe

Istanbul Traffic

The traffic in Istanbul is quite heavy. You would do well to avoid taxis and use the tramway or walk, especially in the Sultanahmet area. Not only are the places situation nearby, it is interesting to walk around. The places such as the Topkapi palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar -- can all be covered by foot.

Do not drive! Yes.. Do not drive unless you are experienced at driving in Istanbul or similar places. If you desperately need to drive, please check the following 10 rules!

1. Many people don’t use signals, so, be prepared to see drivers changing lanes frequently to get one car further.
2. Do not expect cars to signal before leaving parking place.
3. When driving on the rightmost lane, continue checking your right mirror. Emergency lanes are also frequently used by fast drivers.
4. Buses, taxis, and minibuses are also have no sense of traffic rules. They are usually good in driving skills but do not obey rules also.
5. Do not cross at red light, never
6. When crossing in green light, check the road. A driver may dive in to the road.
7. Do not argue with anyone, even if you are right. Many people can be aggressive in traffic in Istanbul.
8. If you have accident, no panic. Try to find someone who knows your language.
9. Since walkways are limited, pedestrians tend to walk in roads. They can even try to cross highways so be careful.
10. Horns and flashes are mainly used to swear, not to warn. So be selective when using it..

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